About Me

My background

My name is Zach Reisman. I am an illustrator and 3D artist living in Montreal, Quebec. 

My experience

I have always enjoyed drawing, animated films and video games. In 2016, I completed a college program in 3D modeling, animation art and design.

My vision

As a young adult with ASD, (Autism Spectrum Disorder) one of my gifts is great visual acuity. This means that I perceive the world with details that might be overlooked by others. This is not necessarily better, just different. My experience navigating the world has its challenges but I am happy and tend to see most things in a positive light. I bring this to my illustrations and 3D art.


Hello and welcome to my website. Please let me know if you'd like some holiday cards with my newest illustrations. They are right here, below, in my 2018 photo gallery. Cards are $2 each (plus shipping costs) and can be ordered by sending me a message via the Contact section. I also enjoy getting feedback on my work. 

Thanks!  Zach 

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Original artwork by Zach Reisman